These catalysts for fuel economy has a history of nearly 30 years in the US market, were invented and patented by Dr. Wesley Parish when he work as a consultant for Thiokol Chemical Company in the 1980s, seeking the maximum performance of their solid fuels for military missiles and aerospace rockets, previously were available in liquid form in large volumes for large commercial users, but now with a new patented formula in tablet or powder are easier to store, dispense and be available for individual users or the general public.

Ferox Fuel Tabs is an environmentally friendly fuel additive and catalyst for increasing efficiency and engine power. Increases mileage traveled between 5 and 20% while significantly reducing pollulant emissions. Helps engine cleaning and removing hard carbon deposits, reduces wear and extentiende shelf life.

The main active ingredients are organo-metallic combustion catalysts ,synergistic and multifunctional surface modifiers include combustion and hard carbon deposits surface modifiers.

Ferox catalysts modified surfaces in both fuel particles and existing carbon deposits, this change reduces the combustion temperature of the modified surfaces. A typical engine develops a temperature gradient ranging from 200 °C on the wall of the combustion chamber, at 1200 °C in the center of the combustion process.

Many components require fuel temperature above 600 °C to burn. The components of heavy fuels which are exposed only to temperatures of 200 to 600 °C never burn completely and are contributing to the formation of carbon despositos, emissions, particulates and other undesirable side effects of combustion.

Surfaces and fuel particles modified with FEROX ignite at temperatures as low as 200 °C. The result is more complete combustion, a complete elimination of all deposits and inhibition of new deposits. Ultimately leads to lower emissions of CO, SOx, NOx, HC and PM-10, lower fuel consumption, and especially obtaing better performance and less maintenance.

We are proud that with our new patented based of organo-metallic compounds in an aromatic solid base formula, our tablets dissolve 100% without leaving any residue and about 11 times faster than any product of similar competition. FEROX Do Not alter any feature or specification of fuel, make changes in specification will may invalidate warranties of manufacturers, fuel is only the way to reach the combustion chamber which is where the catalyst is activated, do not harm in any way the engine, equipment or parts and its why have insurance granted by us.

We have the experience, we have our own laboratories and are continually working to find ways to help improve the world in which we live.

Why Us?
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In 1985 Dr. Wesley Parish, invention and recognized the potential of the product, after almost 30 years of history has reached the age of majority at the time they are most needed, we can help with these ecological catalysts additives to save gas, diesel , fuel, E85 or any other liquid hydrocarbon fuel, so that your combustion is more efficient, has more power and pollute less the environment.


Our mission is to help you have a more efficient combustion and can realize the full potential of fuel, obtaining higher returns, cleaner combustion and longer life of the equipment that support your business.

Until there is another viable and economic alternative, FEROX FUEL TABS offers a simple solution to get more usable energy of fuel


Join us and uses Ferox Fuel Tabs, because in this world plagued by so much pollution we provide a product with the perfect technology in a product easy to use on an excellent presentation, so that in a simple way you consume less fuel, have more power and contribute to pollute less.

Our commitment is to help improve the world in which we live



Although FEROX has produced fantastic results, in some cases the equipment, fuel, environmental factors and other conditions may vary enough to make it difficult to predict the magnitude of benefits in a specific application. However, even when the initial effect is minimal, use continuously prevents the formation of deposits and performance degradation. The loss of efficiency costs, more downtime and loss of work associated with cleaning a dirty engine is generally much greater than the cost of using FEROX to maintain top efficiency over the life of the equipment.

There are two main forms of the fuel energy is wasted at the time of combustion, the first part of the fuel will not burn until it reaches the exhaust pipe and the second part of the fuel is never burned. FEROX has developed a technology that works only on combustion to address these two problems.

Unburned hydrocarbons or partially burned out or form deposits in the exhaust gases along with other unwanted byproducts. In addition, some fuel continues to burn in the exhaust phase, causing loss of efficiency.

FEROX technology works in three ways, first burning existing carbon deposits , second prevents the formation of new deposits and third causes the fuel to burn more quickly so that their energy can be captured and used. Removing carbon deposits and promoting a more complete combustion produces a variety of benefits.

Increased Power and Efficiency

The main benefit is that less fuel is required to produce the same mechanical power or thermal energy.

This is partly because less fuel is left unburned and also because the time of combustion forward to a time when the energy released can be captured and used, generating more power to the wheels with less effort. This will allow your engine to run at a cooler temperature and generate fuel savings.

In open flame situations, some efficiency is obtained from a better heat transfer after removing hard carbon deposits.

Pollulant Emissions Decrease

A more complete combustion makes more oxygen is available to be consumed. This leaves less fuel and oxygen to form oxides of nitrogen and sulfur in the exhaust phase, reducing its temperature.

CO reduction is closely related to the fact that much of the trailing combustion to the exhaust phase has been pushed to the feeding phase where energy can be captured and used.

Better combustion reduces soot and smoke in open-flame applications. This is especially beneficial for engines with particulate filters that require periodic regeneration by injecting and burning extra fuel. Reducing emissions of particles results in reduced accumulation of negative pressure and reducing regeneration cycles, providing further efficiency gains.

Reduced maintenance

In internal combustion engines, eliminate and prevent carbon deposits reduces friction, improves fuel injection and reduces pollution in oil and spark plugs, with all these benefits maintenance periods can be extended to generate savings.

Under open flame, performance degradation due to the formation of deposits it is slower.

In any case, the cycles of maintenance and equipment life can be extended with the constant use of FEROX.



This graph illustrates the effect of fuel treated with catalyst FEROX against untreated fuel.


This graph shows the typical temperatures in the combustion chamber of an engine, looks like ferox molecules disperse and modify the activation temperature of the fuel and existing carbon deposits to achieve a complete and effective combustion.


Q. What is a catalyst? , Why FEROX is a catalyst?

A. A catalyst is a substance that causes a chemical reaction occurs at a lower temperature or a higher energy level. In this case the added FEROX to fuel makes resistant to burning components in fuel may burn at lower temperatures than normally. This catalytic action works as a booster horsepower that brings more engine power and more power to the wheels with less effort. All this will allow your engine to run at a lower temperature, more efficient and save fuel.

Q. How do I apply the additive Ferox to my fuel and how much to use?

A. A Ferox high performance fuel additive tablet treat up to 13/15 galons (50-60 liters) of diesel or gasoline. Use two or more pills if the amount of fuel to be treated is above the 15 galons (60 liters) and 13 galons (50liters) of diesel. First put the Ferox tablet in the fuel tank before filling. By the time you finish filling the fuel tank, the tablet will be completely dissolved and mixed in the fuel. If you use the ferox powder products the 34g bag treat 1.890 liters (500 gallons)of fuel, the 40g bag treat 2.000 liters and the presentation of 334g treat 18.900 liters (5,000 gallons) of gasoline or diesel. In these presentations first pour the content into the fuel tank and then fill with the amount needed to treat fuel. Use a little less or more product will not make much difference and not damage your vehicle, if more product is added it will only be wasting it, overdose does not increase the economy or cause any motor problems.

Q. Ferox completely dissolve in fuel?

A. Yes, in fact Ferox tablets dissolve 100% in fuel. This environment friendly product dissolves eleven (11) time faster than our main competitor. This makes Ferox products excellent for use as an additive for diesel fuel tanks. By the time a driver has finished filling their tanks, the treated fuel mixture is ready and 100% dissolved.

Q. How often should I add Ferox to my fuel?

A. Being FEROX a catalyst and not a detergent like an injector cleaner, is safe to use every time you fill the fuel tank, always respecting the recommended amounts. We recommend that you consistently add Ferox Fuel Saver each time you fill your tank, because doing so will not only clean your engine, also prevent future accumulation of carbon deposits. The more consistent you are with your use, your engine will be better protected and more money will go saving.

Q. Can Ferox products damage my engine?

A. While using the Ferox Fuel Saver at recommended dosages will never cause any damage to any vehicle. In fact, when used properly, this high-performance fuel additive will extend the life of your engine. All Ferox products, are insured by the manufacturer and are also registered with the Environmental Protection Agency US (EPA: "http://www.epa.gov/otaq/regs/fuels/additive/web-gas .htm "), they are tested and are supported with several years of research and scientific evidence. Ferox Fuel Saver is not an octane booster, acts by increasing engine horsepower thanks to better combustion, but is hundreds of times safer than such products. This product does not contain detergents, so it will not remove dirt tank, an effect that can cause problems by plugging filters or injectors and cause faults in the fuel pump from overheating.

Q. Ferox works on gasoline and diesel?

A. Ferox works in the chemical level of the combustion process and therefore works in the same way regardless of the type in which fuel is used. These products are used for gasoline, diesel and any other liquid or solid fuel based on oil or coal. Ferox works perfectly in all types of engines, such as engines used for the transportation of passengers and cargo, marine engines 2 and 4 stroke, as well as engines used in ships and power plants, works on boilers and open flame applications.

Q. How should I store Ferox products?

A. You should always keep Ferox products OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not store in direct sunlight or in temperatures above 60 °C (140 °F) since melt with what the dosage is difficult. Keep stored in a cool and dry place.

Q. How will I know that Ferox is working and how long it will take before you notice your benefits?

A. There are several ways to know that Ferox is working, but you do not need to disassemble your engine or emissions be doing checks every two months, a simple way is to control fuel consumption or kilometers per liter in city and highway. The increase in kilometers per liter of fuel is directly related to a cleaner engine, and a clean engine produces cleaner emissions. Ferox acts as an horsepower enhancer and is environmentally friendly, so noticing an increase in engine power. Another easy way to see if this operation is to check the engine oil cleanliness. Because less puff of carbon, its oil will remain cleaner longer. The time will notice a difference will depend on the vehicle's history, because some engines will have accumulated more deposits than others. Ferox is a catalyst and remove the deposits, but these do not disappear overnight, it can take several tanks full of fuel treated with Ferox before you start working. We recommend consistent use of Ferox to completely remove accumulated deposits and prevent them from returning. Everyone should notice a significant difference after 1,000 kilometers with consistent use of Ferox.

Q. What is the difference between Ferox in pill or powder and liquid Ferox 230?

A. Chemically all FEROX products work the same way. Ferox used in liquid 230 appears to be cheaper, because the dehydration process to convert liquid powder and then in tablets, somewhat increases the production cost. This small cost is offset because the new presentations in powder or tablets, to be solid products are safer, easier to store, transport and dosing.

Q. Is there a difference if the engine is new or old to use?

A. The catalyst Ferox process occurs in the combustion so time does not affect the use of the engine, but the engine with many hours of use, will mostly benefit because by removing carbon deposits from pistons and valves, combustion is more complete and get better economy in the relatively new engines, the catalyst Ferox process will not allow carbon deposits from forming, keeping the engine always in good condition and improving combustion, so both will be saving fuel . In both cases it may be reduced octane rating required or used by the vehicle, which will increase the savings by using ferox with regular gasoline instead of premium gasoline without having problems like knocking or lack of power.

Q. How I can get to get the maximum possible fuel savings?

A. Using Ferox continuously every time you fill your tank may get all its benefits, maximize combustion and fuel combustion, as well as save to keep clean injectors, spark plugs and oil life is longer. With Ferox can reduce the octane number required by your engine, this means that instead of using a Premium Gasoline 91 octane or higher, you can use the lower octane or 87 octane regular engine and will continue to perform well.

Q. Why do you recommend disconnecting the negative cable from the vehicle battery?

A. When you will start using Ferox for the first time, it is recommended to treat the fuel as is recommended, using a tablet for every 13-15 galons (50-60 liters) of fuel, will drive the vehicle about 25 km approximately for the product to reach the combustion chamber, in order to force the vehicle computer recognizes the new fuel mixture with ferox always disconnect the negative battery cable, press the brake pedal or turn on the lights for a few seconds to drain all the current electrical system and after 15 minutes have passed reconnect the negative battery cable, this will force the computer to recognize the new fuel mixture, adjusting various parameters such as the injection pulse and time, maximizing the economy. This procedure is recommended to do so although it is not essential because the computer will automatically adjust after a while, from the first treatment feel more power in your car and if you do not perform this procedure will take two or three treatments for the computer do all necessary adjustments and see the savings that gives the product. The reason for doing this procedure is that the effects of fuel economy will be sooner.


Ferox Fuel Tab 1g

Treats up to 15 gal (60 liters) of gasoline or 13 gal (50 liters) of diesel

Ferox Fuel Tab 0.5g

Bag with 10 pills, each one treats up to 7.5 gal (28.5 lts) and its divisible in 4 parts.

Ferox Fuel Tabs de 1g

Bag with 4 pills & Bag with 10 pills, each one pill treats up to 13/15 gal (50/60 liters).

Ferox Fuel Tabs 1g

Bottle with 50 pills, each one treats up to 13/15 gal (50/60 liters).

Ferox Truck Tabs 3.33g

Bottle with 30 pills, each one treats up to 50 gal (180 liters)

Ferox Powder Bag 34g y 40g

The 34g bag treats 500 galons (1,800 liters), and the 40g bag treats 2,000 liters

Ferox Powder Bag 335g

Bag with 335g treats 5,000 galons of fuel (18,000 liters)

801 RACING Pulse 1g

Bag with 2 pills / Metalic Box with 6 pills, each one treats up to 13/15 galons (50/60 liters)

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